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Intelligent replacement demo

Intelligent replacement demo

What is the intelligent replacement?

Intelligent replacement is a cool functionality which objective is to allow a powerful way to access small pieces of HTML code in a simple way by using an index.

Here is an example...

Intelligent replacement makes me happy :)

Typically if we would like to replace the ":)", you can do so by inserting a smiley icon that will have to point to a reference to an smiley image, whether from a server or an image uploaded as part of the document.

Girasol Editor already has a plugin that adds emoticons to the intelligent replacement. If we go to Girasol > settings > plugins and use Intelligent Replacement filter we will find Fatcow emoticons plugin.


After you enable this extension the new   replacements will appear on the Intelligent Replacement panel and the index will be updated with replacements for some icons that will serve us to complete our document.

Our sentence

Intelligent replacement makes me happy :)

Simply select the text to replace and use menu Replacement intelligent action.

Intelligent replacement makes me happy emotion-bigsmile ( Highlight the:) characters + Ctrl + Space) .

Additionally the on one side the "Intelligent Replacement" panel shows available replacement keys and with drag & drop you can access these.

I love the Intelligent replacement emotion-love-2    (Drag and droping the (L) key from the panel) .

Finally the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR will select the last Word automatically for easy access to replacements.

The Intelligent Replacement is powerful emotion-cool-2 (With the caret just after the characters B-) press Ctrl + Shift + Space)

You can create your custom replacement keys

With the purpose of to being able to define our own replacements we will install another plugin. If we are going to Girasol > settings > plugins and use the Intelligent Replacement filter will find Configurable Intelligent Replacement plugin.


This plugin will add the Replacements settings to the dialog. We will use it to add our own chains of HTML.


After we pres the symbol of addition a dialog appears for us to define the text that we will replace.


With this line of HTML we end our tutorial for Intelligent Replacement

Thank you!
I hope this will help your ideas to bloom

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Demostración del Reemplazo Inteligente

Demostración del Reemplazo Inteligente

¿Qué es el reemplazo inteligente?

El reemplazo inteligente es una funcionalidad que lo que busca es permitir una forma poderosa de acceder a pequeñas piezas de código HTML de forma sencilla mediante un índice.

Veamos un ejemplo...

El reemplazo inteligente me hace feliz :)

Típicamente si quisieramos reemplazar lo símbolos ":)" por un ícono emotivo de una carita feliz tendríamos que hacer referencia a una imagen, ya sea desde un servidor o una imagen subida como parte del documento.

Girasol Editor ya tiene una extensión que le agrega íconos emotivos al reemplazo inteligente. Si vamos a Girasol>Configuración>Extensiones y utilizamos el fitro Reemplazo inteligente encontraremos la extensión Íconos emotivos de Fatcow.


Al habilitar dicha extensión se instalan en el panel e índice de reemplazos algunos íconos que nos servirán para completar nuestra oración.

El reemplazo inteligente me hace feliz :)

Basta con seleccionar el texto a reemplazar y utilizar del menú la acción Reemplazo Inteligente.

El reemplazo inteligente me hace feliz emotion-bigsmile-2 (Selecciona :) + Ctrl + Barra Espaciadora) .

Adicionalmente el panel lateral denominado "Reemplazo Inteligente" nos muestra las llaves de reemplazo disponibles y con solo arrastrar y soltar es posible acceder a estos.

Amo el reemplazo inteligente emotion-love (Arrastrándo y soltando el texto (L) desde el panel) .

Finalmente el método abreviado Ctrl+Barra Espaciadora seleccionará la última palabra automáticamente para acceder con facilidad a los reemplazos.

El Reemplazo Inteligente es poderoso emotion-cool (Ctrl + Shift + Barra Espaciadora justo después de los caracteres B-) ) .

Crear Reemplazos Personalizados

Con la finalidad de que poder definir nuestros propios reemplazos instalaremos otra extensión. Si vamos a Girasol>Configuración>Extensiones y utilizamos el fitro Reemplazo inteligente encontraremos la extensión Reemplazo Inteligente Configurable.


Esta extensión agregará el Administrador de Reemplazos al diálogo de configuración que nos permitirá utilizar el reemplazo inteligente con nuestras propias cadenas de HTML.

Oprimimos el símbolo de agregar y en el diálogo que aparece definimos el texto que reemplazaremos.


Con esta cadena de HTML es posible terminar el tutorial para el reemplazo inteligente .

Saludos y que floresca su labor creativa.

viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

My top ten favorite features in Girasol Editor

My top ten favorite features in Girasol Editor

10.- Personalization

This might be the least important of things while producing content, or might be the most. Girasol Editor has lots of skins for me to feel comfortable while writing. Also there are options to personalize even further the interface.


9.- Animations

For version 1.7.x Girasol Editor included a bunch of animations for text edition, the configuration and assistant panels. This is the new standard for software development but somehow most desktop applications remain on the old design paradigm. Productivity is the most important goal, but design might be important as well.

8.- The code color DIVs

This is a very small feature that allows Girasol Editor to create a DIV that will color the syntax of your code. As a software developer I really appreciate its usefulness.

<a href= "" >
Check out our site.</a>
public class SyntaxColoredClass{
private int numericField = 5x3 ;
private String stringField = "I'm a String" ;

7.- Table Support

Besides the usual tooling for adding and deleting rows and columns, Girasol Editor includes several useful shortcuts for working with tables. The Extract Rows and Extract Columns buttons take the contents of a table and extract them in an ordered manner. Something very useful if you paste something from the internet that is inside nested tables. Another neat feature is the Color Table option that will automatically color the backgrounds of a table to match the selected color. Also you have to notice how natural is for the cursor to navigate inside the table.

Feature Highlights
add element caption, header, footer
add row or column above, below, right or left
move row or column above, below, right or left
delete table, row, column or cell
extract row by row or column by column
style full table color, cell color, border color and style
space padding and table resizing

6.- Intelligent Replacement

The intelligent replacement allows to replace abbreviations and shorthands for fully formatted HTML code. To press the space bar while holding the control key launches a tree menu that provides shortcuts to quickly navigate between the replaceable items.

5.- Download Manager

The download manager is a functionality that deserved to be a project on its own. It is very useful to be able to download and install pluggable extensions with a couple of clicks. Girasol Editor already has more than 40 plugins that grant extra functionality to whoever need it without the sacrifice of space and bandwidth to whoever don´t. Also the download manager will prevent the execution of undesired code by ensuring the latest version is always being executed.


4.- HTML view

Img275 Nevertheless is a WYSIWYG editor, Girasol Editor knows that is handling HTML and so do some advanced users. The Markup menu includes a powerful option for not having to edit the actual HTML but to take a look on what will be the HTML output. The cursor handling behavior also adjusts for navigating between tag containers instead of just test. In this view you will be able to select specific container tags for editing.

3.- Documents Manager

Img845The Documents Manager allows the handling and linking of my documents. It is an easy way for reusing my previous work, allowing me to link to old publications. Or to open the entry in my local browser to view it. Whenever a new account is created Girasol Editor will download the last 5 publications from it in the background, but in case that you need more the "Remote Entries" button is in handy to show a dialog that will help into accomplishing the task.

2.- The Files Manager

Img845In the same fashion of the Documents Manager allows me to link to old posts, the Files Manager allows me to reuse old files. This is a extremely useful feature whenever you have signature images that are posted all of the time or if you want to reuse your old work. Another neat feature is the ability to create thumbnails from posted images.

1.- Image Handling

This is my very best set of functionality. I particularly like the fact that the large images are resized to fit the screen. Like in this wallpaper below.


Girasol Editor has lots of effects to decorate the pictures that look pretty cool. The implementation of the effect menu inside the editor is fantastic, beautifully animated.

Angie-20Vestido-20Azul Angie-20Vestido-20Azul       Angie-20Vestido-20Azul Angie-20Vestido-20Azul

Also the basic image edition tooling is beautifully implemented and has some additions, it not only works for resizing, rotating and cropping but also for margin and padding.

Img493 Img190 Angie-20Vestido-20Azul

viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

Girasol Editor Edición Cristiana

Girasol Editor Edición Cristiana

¿Cómo nació la edición cristiana de Girasol Editor?LogoGirasolCristiano100x100

De hecho Girasol Editor nació para esta edición.

La idea bajo la cual comencé el concepto inicial de Girasol fue la de crear una forma fácil de acceder a la escritura en la realización de estudios bíblicos para una clase que tenía en un ministerio juvenil. Así fue como nació el Girasol Literato Panel . Ofreciendo una manera maravillosa de acceso mediante el menú de árbol, menú que facilita el reemplazo y localización de una cita bíblica textual. Basta con oprimir la tecla control más la barra espaciadora para invocarlo. Y a partir de ese punto ya sea oprimiendo las letras del teclado o con las flechas de este es muy fácil insertar la cita que se esta buscando.

De la misma manera el panel lateral con el libro facilita mucho el acceso. Decidí incluir además de la lista con los versículos una versión en texto para facilitar la lectura. Y si bien ya existían otras aplicaciones para crear estos estudios ninguna estaba enfocada a la publicación de los mismos. Esa es la idea detrás de la creación de Girasol Editor. Girasol Editor integra la practicidad del panel inteligente con la versatilidad de un editor de contenido.

Hoy en día nuestro mundo vive muchos cambios, algunos positivos y otros que no lo son tanto. La moralidad actual vive presa en manos de la iniciativa privada y el bien común exige que las personas de buena voluntad levanten la voz por encima de aquellas voces que solo buscan hacer ganancias. Girasol Editor es un esfuerzo personal para dotar de voz a estas personas. A ustedes.

Lo único que pido a cambio es que esa voz se utilice en efecto para el bien común, recordando lo que Pablo decía, donde explica que no vale el conocimiento, ni la fuerza si lo que se hace no se hace con amor.

I Corintios 13,1-3 "1Aunque hablara las lenguas de los hombres y de los ángeles, si no tengo caridad, soy como bronce que suena o címbalo que retiñe. 2Aunque tuviera el don de profecía, y conociera todos los misterios y toda la ciencia; aunque tuviera plenitud de fe como para trasladar montañas, si no tengo caridad, nada soy. 3Aunque repartiera todos mis bienes, y entregara mi cuerpo a las llamas, si no tengo caridad, nada me aprovecha. "

Que Dios los siga bendiciendo.

Juan 3,16 "16Porque tanto amó Dios al mundo que dio a su Hijo único, para que todo el que crea en él no perezca, sino que tenga vida eterna. "


download-for-mac Instalar en MacOs

download-for-linux Instalar en Linux
download-for-windows Instalar en Windows

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Girasol Editor Donations

Girasol Editor Donations

Girasol Editor no esta escrito con el afan de vender licencias, sino de ayudar a promover la libertad de expresión y las ideas. Tenga por seguro que cualquier donación es valorada como una forma de agradecimiento frente al duro trabajo que se ha requerido para construir algo como esto.

Para hacer su donación por favor utilize el botón Donar en la parte superior derecha de la pantalla.
¡Gracias por su ayuda!

Girasol Editor not is written for the desire of selling licenses, but for helping the freedom of speech and to make ideas resonate harder. Be assured that any donation is valued as a form of thank you for the hard work that is required to build something like this.

To make your donation please donate button top right of the screen part use.
Thank you for your help!

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Girasol Editor [eng]



What you see is what you get
Whenever you publish a document using Girasol Editor, the result will be published in the same fonts, colors and design that was used in the editor. No HTML coding required.

Incremental working made easy
Do you want to point to an old publication? Drag and drop it from the documents panel and link it.
Do you want to use your previously published images or files? Girasol Editor displays them in a panel right there for you reuse them.
Do you want to upload new files? Drag and drop them to your document, or even better to the Outbox.

Easy blog setup
Based on the "Really Simple Discovery" industry standard Girasol Editor configuration is as easy as to provide a URL, user and password.

Stay updated add features
With PsiqueWare's Orquidea Simpodial download manager you can rest assure that you will always be using the latest version, and your experience installing new plug in extensions will be a breeze.

Productivity everywhere
You can count with the power of Girasol Editor in all your computers. Girasol Editor is available in Windows, Linux and Mac.

Free and Open Source
Girasol Editor is open source code, free to use, free to be redistributed and even free to be changed.


To install Girasol Editor use one of the following links:
download-for-windows Windows installation (bundled jvm) download-for-linux Linux installation (bundled jvm) download-for-mac MacOs installation (bundled jvm)

If you know what Java is and have installed version 6 or higher, this installers are much lighter.
download-for-windows Windows installation (no jvm) download-for-linux Linux installation (no jvm) download-for-mac MacOs installation (no jvm)


More Features

Bullet View and edit HTML
Use the view HTML tags action to see your document markup right there in the editor. Girasol Editor will highlight you the markup where the cursor lies for a better hang.

Bullet Image Editing
Rotate, resize, inline or set an image margin right the in the document.

Bullet Image Effects
Apply effects like glows, shadows or emboss easily from your document.

Bullet Table support
Support for tables includes features like moving columns/rows, auto extracting the data or even auto-color for the whole table.

Bullet Styles
Define, change or simply apply document styling using the handy Styles panel.

Bullet Labels
Label your documents with a single click.

Bullet Intelligent Replacement
Girasol Editor provides a powerful feature for content creation by replacing keywords with full blown HTML.

Bullet Internationalization
Girasol Editor is available in 35 languages, with 9 basic languages that include dictionaries for error correction.

Bullet Translation Utility
Girasol Editor includes a translation utility for helping you in your translation tasks.

Bullet Search
Quickly find your place within your documents using our inline search toolbar. If the word is not there Girasol Editor will show you from which character it is not, saving your time.

Bullet Replace
Replace a single word or a full sentence, one instance or all of them, Girasol Editor will easy up the task.

Bullet Magnifier
Too much time writing? are you eyes tired? Use the magnifier to see a bigger version of your document without changing the final result.

Bullet Proxy
Do you use a proxy to connect to the Internet, Girasol Editor has your back.

Bullet Skins
Personalize the looks of Girasol Editor. There are more than 30 different skins to choose and a lot of personal settings for you play with.

Bullet Personalization
Choose an edition with plug in extensions personalized to your tastes and needs.

Bullet Plug in manager
Quickly add new functionality using the plug in manager. Enable a plug in and Girasol Editor will take charge of downloading and installing it for you.

Available Plugins

Bullet The Holy Bible
Do you quote the Bible while writing? This plug in will add an index of quotes to the Intelligent Replacement for you to write the book, chapter and versicle and let Girasol Editor the duty of inserting the whole text. Also you will count with a reading pane and the ability to mark your favorite verses right there in the editor.

Bullet RSS
Do you comment about news sites? Well with the RSS panel just drag the news to link them.

Bullet Bing Translator
The translator implementation based on Bing services can help you in the task of translating your texts. This plugin also allows Girasol Editor to be display on your language, even without a custom plugin.

Bullet Languages and dictionaries
There are several available plugins for other languages than english or spanish. There are plugins for German, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish and Arabic.


Girasol Editor is licensed under a GNU GPL agreement as described in:



The source code can be downloaded from:


To quickly launch Girasol Editor for a test run just press this link provided that java webstart technology is installed and running.


The java-doc documentation can be found at