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Girasol Editor [eng]



What you see is what you get
Whenever you publish a document using Girasol Editor, the result will be published in the same fonts, colors and design that was used in the editor. No HTML coding required.

Incremental working made easy
Do you want to point to an old publication? Drag and drop it from the documents panel and link it.
Do you want to use your previously published images or files? Girasol Editor displays them in a panel right there for you reuse them.
Do you want to upload new files? Drag and drop them to your document, or even better to the Outbox.

Easy blog setup
Based on the "Really Simple Discovery" industry standard Girasol Editor configuration is as easy as to provide a URL, user and password.

Stay updated add features
With PsiqueWare's Orquidea Simpodial download manager you can rest assure that you will always be using the latest version, and your experience installing new plug in extensions will be a breeze.

Productivity everywhere
You can count with the power of Girasol Editor in all your computers. Girasol Editor is available in Windows, Linux and Mac.

Free and Open Source
Girasol Editor is open source code, free to use, free to be redistributed and even free to be changed.


To install Girasol Editor use one of the following links:
download-for-windows Windows installation (bundled jvm) download-for-linux Linux installation (bundled jvm) download-for-mac MacOs installation (bundled jvm)

If you know what Java is and have installed version 6 or higher, this installers are much lighter.
download-for-windows Windows installation (no jvm) download-for-linux Linux installation (no jvm) download-for-mac MacOs installation (no jvm)


More Features

Bullet View and edit HTML
Use the view HTML tags action to see your document markup right there in the editor. Girasol Editor will highlight you the markup where the cursor lies for a better hang.

Bullet Image Editing
Rotate, resize, inline or set an image margin right the in the document.

Bullet Image Effects
Apply effects like glows, shadows or emboss easily from your document.

Bullet Table support
Support for tables includes features like moving columns/rows, auto extracting the data or even auto-color for the whole table.

Bullet Styles
Define, change or simply apply document styling using the handy Styles panel.

Bullet Labels
Label your documents with a single click.

Bullet Intelligent Replacement
Girasol Editor provides a powerful feature for content creation by replacing keywords with full blown HTML.

Bullet Internationalization
Girasol Editor is available in 35 languages, with 9 basic languages that include dictionaries for error correction.

Bullet Translation Utility
Girasol Editor includes a translation utility for helping you in your translation tasks.

Bullet Search
Quickly find your place within your documents using our inline search toolbar. If the word is not there Girasol Editor will show you from which character it is not, saving your time.

Bullet Replace
Replace a single word or a full sentence, one instance or all of them, Girasol Editor will easy up the task.

Bullet Magnifier
Too much time writing? are you eyes tired? Use the magnifier to see a bigger version of your document without changing the final result.

Bullet Proxy
Do you use a proxy to connect to the Internet, Girasol Editor has your back.

Bullet Skins
Personalize the looks of Girasol Editor. There are more than 30 different skins to choose and a lot of personal settings for you play with.

Bullet Personalization
Choose an edition with plug in extensions personalized to your tastes and needs.

Bullet Plug in manager
Quickly add new functionality using the plug in manager. Enable a plug in and Girasol Editor will take charge of downloading and installing it for you.

Available Plugins

Bullet The Holy Bible
Do you quote the Bible while writing? This plug in will add an index of quotes to the Intelligent Replacement for you to write the book, chapter and versicle and let Girasol Editor the duty of inserting the whole text. Also you will count with a reading pane and the ability to mark your favorite verses right there in the editor.

Bullet RSS
Do you comment about news sites? Well with the RSS panel just drag the news to link them.

Bullet Bing Translator
The translator implementation based on Bing services can help you in the task of translating your texts. This plugin also allows Girasol Editor to be display on your language, even without a custom plugin.

Bullet Languages and dictionaries
There are several available plugins for other languages than english or spanish. There are plugins for German, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish and Arabic.


Girasol Editor is licensed under a GNU GPL agreement as described in: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html



The source code can be downloaded from: http://code.google.com/p/girasol/source/checkout


To quickly launch Girasol Editor for a test run just press this link provided that java webstart technology is installed and running.


The java-doc documentation can be found at http://code.google.com/p/girasol/

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