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My top ten favorite features in Girasol Editor

My top ten favorite features in Girasol Editor

10.- Personalization

This might be the least important of things while producing content, or might be the most. Girasol Editor has lots of skins for me to feel comfortable while writing. Also there are options to personalize even further the interface.


9.- Animations

For version 1.7.x Girasol Editor included a bunch of animations for text edition, the configuration and assistant panels. This is the new standard for software development but somehow most desktop applications remain on the old design paradigm. Productivity is the most important goal, but design might be important as well.

8.- The code color DIVs

This is a very small feature that allows Girasol Editor to create a DIV that will color the syntax of your code. As a software developer I really appreciate its usefulness.

<a href= "" >
Check out our site.</a>
public class SyntaxColoredClass{
private int numericField = 5x3 ;
private String stringField = "I'm a String" ;

7.- Table Support

Besides the usual tooling for adding and deleting rows and columns, Girasol Editor includes several useful shortcuts for working with tables. The Extract Rows and Extract Columns buttons take the contents of a table and extract them in an ordered manner. Something very useful if you paste something from the internet that is inside nested tables. Another neat feature is the Color Table option that will automatically color the backgrounds of a table to match the selected color. Also you have to notice how natural is for the cursor to navigate inside the table.

Feature Highlights
add element caption, header, footer
add row or column above, below, right or left
move row or column above, below, right or left
delete table, row, column or cell
extract row by row or column by column
style full table color, cell color, border color and style
space padding and table resizing

6.- Intelligent Replacement

The intelligent replacement allows to replace abbreviations and shorthands for fully formatted HTML code. To press the space bar while holding the control key launches a tree menu that provides shortcuts to quickly navigate between the replaceable items.

5.- Download Manager

The download manager is a functionality that deserved to be a project on its own. It is very useful to be able to download and install pluggable extensions with a couple of clicks. Girasol Editor already has more than 40 plugins that grant extra functionality to whoever need it without the sacrifice of space and bandwidth to whoever don´t. Also the download manager will prevent the execution of undesired code by ensuring the latest version is always being executed.


4.- HTML view

Img275 Nevertheless is a WYSIWYG editor, Girasol Editor knows that is handling HTML and so do some advanced users. The Markup menu includes a powerful option for not having to edit the actual HTML but to take a look on what will be the HTML output. The cursor handling behavior also adjusts for navigating between tag containers instead of just test. In this view you will be able to select specific container tags for editing.

3.- Documents Manager

Img845The Documents Manager allows the handling and linking of my documents. It is an easy way for reusing my previous work, allowing me to link to old publications. Or to open the entry in my local browser to view it. Whenever a new account is created Girasol Editor will download the last 5 publications from it in the background, but in case that you need more the "Remote Entries" button is in handy to show a dialog that will help into accomplishing the task.

2.- The Files Manager

Img845In the same fashion of the Documents Manager allows me to link to old posts, the Files Manager allows me to reuse old files. This is a extremely useful feature whenever you have signature images that are posted all of the time or if you want to reuse your old work. Another neat feature is the ability to create thumbnails from posted images.

1.- Image Handling

This is my very best set of functionality. I particularly like the fact that the large images are resized to fit the screen. Like in this wallpaper below.


Girasol Editor has lots of effects to decorate the pictures that look pretty cool. The implementation of the effect menu inside the editor is fantastic, beautifully animated.

Angie-20Vestido-20Azul Angie-20Vestido-20Azul       Angie-20Vestido-20Azul Angie-20Vestido-20Azul

Also the basic image edition tooling is beautifully implemented and has some additions, it not only works for resizing, rotating and cropping but also for margin and padding.

Img493 Img190 Angie-20Vestido-20Azul

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