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Intelligent replacement demo

Intelligent replacement demo

What is the intelligent replacement?

Intelligent replacement is a cool functionality which objective is to allow a powerful way to access small pieces of HTML code in a simple way by using an index.

Here is an example...

Intelligent replacement makes me happy :)

Typically if we would like to replace the ":)", you can do so by inserting a smiley icon that will have to point to a reference to an smiley image, whether from a server or an image uploaded as part of the document.

Girasol Editor already has a plugin that adds emoticons to the intelligent replacement. If we go to Girasol > settings > plugins and use Intelligent Replacement filter we will find Fatcow emoticons plugin.


After you enable this extension the new   replacements will appear on the Intelligent Replacement panel and the index will be updated with replacements for some icons that will serve us to complete our document.

Our sentence

Intelligent replacement makes me happy :)

Simply select the text to replace and use menu Replacement intelligent action.

Intelligent replacement makes me happy emotion-bigsmile ( Highlight the:) characters + Ctrl + Space) .

Additionally the on one side the "Intelligent Replacement" panel shows available replacement keys and with drag & drop you can access these.

I love the Intelligent replacement emotion-love-2    (Drag and droping the (L) key from the panel) .

Finally the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR will select the last Word automatically for easy access to replacements.

The Intelligent Replacement is powerful emotion-cool-2 (With the caret just after the characters B-) press Ctrl + Shift + Space)

You can create your custom replacement keys

With the purpose of to being able to define our own replacements we will install another plugin. If we are going to Girasol > settings > plugins and use the Intelligent Replacement filter will find Configurable Intelligent Replacement plugin.


This plugin will add the Replacements settings to the dialog. We will use it to add our own chains of HTML.


After we pres the symbol of addition a dialog appears for us to define the text that we will replace.


With this line of HTML we end our tutorial for Intelligent Replacement

Thank you!
I hope this will help your ideas to bloom

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